Anna Fantin-Reuther

Certified Interpreter for Italian, English, German
Translating and interpreting services in Hamburg, Munich, Duesseldorf, Cologne, Berlin, Frankfurt, Milan

As a graduate and certified interpreter, I work as translator and interpreter from my base in Hamburg as well as everywhere else in Germany and abroad. I translate and interpret into Italian, German and English. In partnership with other interpreters, I can also offer other language combinations. I organise the planning of multi-lingual events and also provide translations of conference documents, presentations, manuscripts and minutes of meetings. My services also include specifically intercultural management and consulting.

Which type of interpreting is best suited to your needs? I shall identify for you the ideal form of interpreting – irrespective of the venue at which the service is to be provided. That can be in Hamburg or anywhere else where you choose to locate your event, your conference or your meeting.

What is simultaneous interpreting?

Simultaneous interpreting is when the spoken words are translated directly while they are being spoken. This type of interpreting naturally requires a very high degree of concentration and attentiveness and is therefore normally performed by a team of at least two interpreters working together in a soundproof booth. This form of interpreting is particularly suitable for multilingual events. Simultaneous interpreting means there are no interruptions to the flow of speech and all participants hear a translation of the spoken word at the same time – thus simultaneously and without any time delay.

What is consecutive interpreting?

Consecutive interpreting is when the discussion or a longer passage of speech is translated after a short delay. Hearing the original spoken words or speech, the interpreter takes notes, which then serve as the basis for a prompt rendering of the content in the target language. Consecutive interpreting is normally chosen for a toast or welcoming address or for lectures.

What is whispered interpreting?

Whispered interpreting is a particular form of simultaneous interpreting. The interpreter in this case sits very close to the person taking part in the conversion in a foreign language and whispers to him a simultaneous translation as it is spoken. In whispered interpreting, headphones are not used; the voice of the interpreter may therefore disturb the conversation, while the person receiving the translation may in turn be disturbed by background noises etc.

What is liaison interpreting?

The term liaison interpreting refers to the time-delayed translation of short text passages in the context of discussions. Event interpreting generally takes place in the context of business negotiations or discussions in smaller groups or with few participants.